Weekly – Two-Wheel Tuesday at Old Buckenham

On a fine Tuesday evening you can find upwards of five hundred bikes and their proud owners on the green by the Ox & Plough pub at at Old Buckenham. Its a great little pub with good food (and toilets too!) and there’s always a great atmosphere – friendly and welcoming to all and sundry.

All kinds of bikes turn up – a few exotics like MVs, Ducatis, and the occasional Laverda as well as lots of regular sportsbikes, tourers and classics from Japan, Europe and the US.

There are some good biking roads there down from Norwich, Watton and Hingham to the north and up from Diss and Bury to the south, but watch out for mobile speed cameras – the police are very aware of the venue’s popularity on a Tuesday evening!

For more information, see their Facebook page or some of the clips on YouTube like this one