Ride-out for Sunday 16th June 2024 – a lap of North Norfolk

Please be aware the organisers cannot accept any responsibility for you or your bike – it is up to everyone to be sensible and look out for everyone else on the ride!

This ride will have three stages of about 45 miles each (so an hour or so in the saddle) with a half-hour break between the stages.

Mileages and timings are of course approximate!

09:15 – Meet up at CJ Balls forecourt (NR7 9AB) – there is a small possibility that we’ll be able to provide a cuppa and a bacon roll to fortify riders before we head off.  We’ll have look at whatever there may be to see there at the time and, more importantly, discuss good riding practice and etiquette, and making sure we all understand the Second-Rider Drop-Off system (see below).

10:00 – head out East on Salhouse Road through Salhouse itself and South Walsham to Acle (10 miles).

10:15 – up into Broadland through Billockby, Fleggburgh and Filby to Caister (10 miles)

10:30 – head North through Hemsby, Winterton-onSea, skirt Horsey Mere and up through Sea Palling and Walcott to Mundesley (25 miles) where we’ll have a half-hour comfort & refreshment stop.

 11:40 – set off North-West through the North Norfolk pretty little coastal towns of Cromer, Sheringham, Salthouse, Blakeney, Wells, and Burnham Overy right through to Hunstanton.  (Basically, keep the sea on your right-hand side for the next 45 miles).  We’ll then have a second comfort stop, probably at the Bike Park on Cliff Parade.

13:15 – set off South through Heacham for Snettisham, then turn Eastward, past the Bircham Windmill almost to Syderstone (13 miles)

13:30 – Head South-east on the B1454 till it joins the A148 (near MOD Sculthorpe), staying on the A148 until it becomes the Fakenham By-pass to the north of the township. (8 miles)

13:40 – From there, follow the signs for the A1067 back to Norwich through Little Ryburgh, Guist, Foxley and Bawdeswell to Lenwade (16 miles).  [Note the turn-off to your left half-way between Bawdeswell and Lenwade, signposted to Whitwell and Reepham.  It is also signposted ‘Nowhere Lane’ (yes, really!) and a couple of miles down there is the Whitwell Railway Station, famous for its Friday evening bike meets.]

As we reach Lenwade some riders may want to head off down Wood Lane (past the Dinosaur Park) to join the A47 and head in towards Norwich that way as the A47 becomes the Southern Bypass so is the best way homeward for riders heading for homes south of Norwich.

If you don’t turn off there you’ll carry on through Taverham (watch out for the speed cameras!) and on to either the A1270 Northern Broadway, or stay on to pass Norwich Airport and on into the city itself.

IMPORTANT – The drop off system or marking system explained:

The 2nd-man drop-off system works well to keep the group together – and to avoid anyone getting lost! The ride leader will set a moderate to brisk pace and the group may spread out a bit over a few miles. That way everybody gets space to ride their own road, at their own pace, rather than being dragged along in convoy.

There are 3 types of rider within the system:

1) The ride leader – The ride leader is always the lead bike; they are familiar with the route and will navigate the way.

2) The backmarker – The backmarker is always the last bike; they are the only other rider who will always maintain their position in the group.

3) Markers – Markers are anybody else (usually everybody else) in the group, and everybody else gets one or more goes at this role.

At any junction, roundabout, fork in the road, or other possible change of direction that may not be obvious to the rest of the group, the lead rider will indicate to the 2nd rider that they should stop completely (in a safe place) at that point and stay there to direct the rest of the group along the correct route.  The entire group must pass ‘the Marker’ except for the backmarker; the backmarker will signal to the Marker that all the group have now passed so the Marker may now set off after the group.

If it’s your turn to mark a junction, think first of your own safety first and only mark the junction where it’s safe to do so. (If for some reason the marker forgets to mark a junction and you are the person behind the marker (the third-person) then you should stop and mark the junction.

This approach involves the entire group and means that the markers get rotated from front to back and gradually move up to the front again.

This method works extremely well and has been used all over the world to help stop anyone getting lost, but it does rely on everybody understanding the system and doing their bit, and looking after their fellow riders within the group.

This system allows everybody to ride at their own pace within the group as long as the ‘tour leader’ is always at the front and ‘the backmarker’ is always the last bike. Then everybody else (the markers) can ride at their own pace and overtake each other (safely) or even stop for quick photos etc.

There are many guides and explanations of the drop-off system on the web, even a few videos you can explore if you are not confident about it.

Please register your interest in joining this ride by Leaving a Comment below. If you give the following info it will give us a bit more idea what numbers to expect! TIA

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Skill/experience level:  e.g. beginner / intermediate / experienced / advanced

Are you confident with the 2nd-Rider Drop-off System described above?  Yes / No but I’m sure I’ll be OK / No its all a bit scary to me

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